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Meet the Staff of AZ Cars R Us, LLC

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David Hrizak - Co-Owner

630-247-8122 - sales@azcarsrus.com

As Co-Owner of AZ Cars R Us, LLC, David brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to the table. Having owned multiple businesses and overseeing operations of 500+ employees, consultants and contractors David always looks to bring out the best in everyone while obtaining the best possible outcome for the customer.

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Lou Stirpe - Co-Owner

480-580-9418 - sales@azcarsrus.com

As Co-Owner of AZ Cars R Us, LLC and originally from East Syracuse, NY, Lou brings his strong work ethic, dedication and determined spirit into every task he is faced with. Having been a small business owner for many years Lou has faced multiple challenges along the way and always came out on top. His determination of making sure everyone involved is treated fairly and with respect allows customers of AZ Cars R Us, LLC to know they are always getting the best deal.